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Transform your bathroom with unique tiling

Tiles are an excellent way to transform your bathroom. From bold and bright patterns to simplistic designs. Your choice of tiling significantly affects the look and feel of your space. Above all, picking a tile that suits your lifestyle and preferences is the ideal way to make the most of your bathroom. A simple tile overhaul can completely change your aesthetic, adding luxury and charm that reflects your style. Whether you’re keen on the latest trends or want to restore old-school elegance, our range has something for you.

As tiling specialists, we stock a wide range of options and styles. First and foremost, we ensure a wide range of tile choices to suit your home. So, why not start by browsing our bathroom tile collection online? Alternatively, speak to our knowledgeable team directly. We’re here to answer any questions you have. If you’re unsure about the right tile, we can help you make the best choice for your home.

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How to choose bathroom tiles

Choosing the right bathroom tiles requires a little forethought. Firstly, understanding what aesthetic you’d like to achieve helps you make the right decision. Secondly, you can consider the practicality of your tile choice. Thirdly, picking tiles matching your vision and budget delivers the desired results. Finally, considering the space and size of your bathroom can ensure you highlight your space appropriately. A perfectly designed bathroom starts with the right tile.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your tiles:

Your chosen aesthetic

Before anything else, deciding upon how you’d like your bathroom to look is step one. Seeking inspiration and imagery is a valuable way to gain insight. For instance, you may favour ultra-modern designs. Or perhaps you prefer organic, natural-looking finishes. Having a good idea of what you’d like your bathroom to look like helps you decide the tile that best fits your vision. Moreover, our wide selection has a tile to suit every aesthetic.

The level of practicality

Practicality is a consideration for your bathroom. You want to ensure your home is functional and beautiful in high-traffic areas. For instance, floor tiling that works in an adult ensuite may be less suited to a family bathroom. Deciding on tiling that suits your lifestyle and cleaning routine ensures you love your choice for years to come. Put practicality first, and you’ll enjoy the results for longer.

Day-to-day functionality

Tiles are an excellent addition to any bathroom to improve functionality and hygiene. What should you consider for functionality? A tile that’s easy to clean fits better into a busy lifestyle, so consider the finish or surface of the tile when selecting. Finally, adding tiles to areas that may be splashed by water helps to retain your bathroom and prevent leaks and water damage. Considering functionality helps to pick tiling that suits your purposes.

The size and shape of your bathroom

Not all bathrooms are equal. Ensuring you tailor your tile selection to suit your bathroom, in particular, is key to creating a look you’ll love. For instance, a smaller bathroom may benefit from lighter and brighter colours. A large bathroom makes it easier to create a statement without overwhelming. If you’re keen on pattern and design, combining different shades of tiles may provide the ideal middle ground for smaller spaces.

Coordination with your home

Your bathroom is an extension of the rest of your interior choices. Ensuring a flow from living spaces to bathrooms and kitchens helps to create that feeling of harmony. Love neutral tones and warm, rustic elements? Bring that into your bathroom tiling. Prefer monochrome minimalism? Matching tiles are the perfect way to coordinate. Likewise, your tiles can tie together different home areas to create a cohesive, lived-in feel.

The style of tiling

The style of tiling can make a difference in how your bathroom looks and feels. For instance, vertical tiling is a popular choice to elongate bathroom spaces. Likewise, highly patterned tiles can be an effective way to draw the eye to specific areas. Deciding on the style of tiling you want helps you choose the right option. Above all, picking a style that ties in with your fixtures and fittings provides a cohesive look.

Level of coverage

Coverage is an essential consideration for tiles. Are you planning to cover walls and flooring in the same tile seamlessly? Do you want to limit tile to particular areas of the bathroom? Thinking about the level of coverage helps you decide on the right solution. In other words, tailoring your tiles to volume is valuable. The broader the coverage, the more understated you may want to be to avoid overwhelming the space.

Types of bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Our range at Di Lorenzo is comprehensive and there are options for every taste. Identifying the types of tiles and their key differences helps to make your decision. Here are some of the most common tiles you’ll see:


Ceramic tiles are generally suitable for walls only, and most likely to be quite decorative. They are usually more delicate than porcelain, and perfect for feature walls or splash backs.


The most common tile material. Porcelain is incredibly versatile and durable. Firstly, a vast array of colours and finishes are available. Secondly, porcelain tiles come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Finally, this versatile option mixes and matches well to create features and points of interest.


If you’re keen on creating a truly unique bathroom, handmade tiles allow you to achieve that goal. These hand-crafted tiles are perfectly imperfect. With plenty of texture and bold designs, achieving the old-world Mediterranean aesthetic is effortless.


Hard-wearing and functional, terrazzo is an on-trend tile option for bathrooms. Hundreds of unique colourways and chip options make this tile ideal for a wide range of interior themes. Much like handmade tiles, the production of terrazzo makes each tile unique in its own way.


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