Inspirational options for a beautiful bathroom wall

You’ve spent hours deciding on the perfect floor plan, the most beautiful tapware, vanities, and wet areas for your new build or bathroom renovation. You’ve searched the web for inspiration that reflects both functionality and style. With your inspiration at hand, deciding on your choice of wall tiles is not only very important but extremely exciting.

At Di Lorenzo, we understand the enjoyment designers and homeowners experience when it comes time to select the most beautiful tile for their space. A tile that brings together all the elements in the room to create the perfect picture.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Considerations when selecting the perfect bathroom wall tile

There are a number of important factors to consider before making a final decision. Think about the overall style, size and design of your bathroom. Do you love a modern, minimalist look, or a more traditional and timeless feel? Or are you drawn to the feel of an organic oasis?

If your bathroom is compact, you may consider using a larger format tile in a light hue. Large tiles create a more seamless surface than a small tile, fooling the eye into seeing the space as larger than it is. If you have a large bathroom, why not consider a smaller tile, or a mosaic design to add interest on one or more walls to create a focal point.

Size, shape, texture and colour of the tiles can have an enormous impact on the visual appeal of your bathroom.


Finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics

When it comes to finding the perfect balance between form and function, our experienced designers and salespeople at Di Lorenzo Tiles are happy to provide all the advice you need to bring your bathroom together as a singularly beautiful room.

Our tile collections bring some of the most unique and stunning designs from around the world to Australian designers and homeowners. Some of our favourites include the use of mosaic patterns, modern and sleek, or classic and traditional. We love the clean lines and intricate beauty of our Labyrinth marble collection, with its extensive pattern options.

If you prefer a natural look, consider creating a soothing and organic atmosphere in the bathroom with the Prexious collection. This collection includes colours from white/grey to brown/earth tones to compliment any design aesthetic and is available in a matt or gloss finish.

Have you considered a textured tile? This type of design is certainly on trend, adding depth and visual interest to bathroom walls. We love the way light plays on the varying surface of the Terra Crea collection, with shades derived from nature.

What about something more modern? A glass tile can create a beautiful visual impact. Glass, like water, brings a sense of depth and refraction. Our Glass Mosaic collection brings together a stunning range of repeat square, circular, hexagonal and rectangular designs, in a variety of colours, and includes mother-of-pearl options.

Visit a Di Lorenzo showroom and be inspired

To really experience the differences between the beauty of our tiles, the best option is to visit one of our showrooms and see them for yourself. Our team of experienced staff are on hand to offer advice and inspiration.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

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