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Why are tiles the ideal choice? Firstly, there are so many style options that you’re bound to find something that fits your interior aesthetics. Secondly, it offers practicality and day-to-day functionality. Tiles are easy to keep clean and ideal for those with allergies. Di Lorenzo has the perfect option to elevate your home if you’re considering tiles.

As floor tiles Sydney experts, we’ve got a wide selection to suit your home and style. So, why not start by browsing floor tiles online? Alternatively, you can speak to our team directly. Our friendly, skilled professionals can advise you on the best tiles. From kitchens to bathrooms to patios, we’ve got a selection that suits you. With that said, why don’t you get in touch today to get started?

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How to choose floor tiles

Choosing the right floor tiles for your home requires some consideration. With so many styles and types, deciding which option suits your lifestyle isn’t easy. Likewise, the practicality and use of tile are also important to factor in. Here are some of the elements to consider when choosing tiles for flooring:

Day-to-day usage

How your home is used day-to-day can play a significant role in choosing the right floor tiles. For instance, in a busy home with children and pets, you may want to choose a tile that’s hard-wearing and can handle scuffs and play, particularly in high-traffic areas like kitchens or living spaces. Choosing a tile that lives up to your lifestyle is the best option to keep your home in excellent condition. A tile you love years later is just as important as the one you love on install day. Not all tiles are equal when it comes to performance, so ensure you invest in a good quality tile, which has been made by a reputable manufacturer.

Aesthetic preference

Aesthetics are a crucial consideration when choosing tiles. Enjoy natural, organic design? Opting for a softer, textured tile may suit your preferences. Prefer maximalist vibrance? Then patterned tiles may provide the perfect focal point. Knowing how you want your home to look is key to finding the perfect tiles. From there, you can choose tiling that matches your style. While also providing the functionality you need.

Functionality and hygiene

Kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces are all excellent options for tile. Hygiene is also a must in these spaces. As a hardy and practical surface, tiles can make clean-up ten times easier. Choosing a tile suited to your level of cleanliness is the ideal option. Perhaps you mop every day. Maybe you prefer to spot clean as you go. Whatever your preferences, the right tile matches those hygiene requirements.

Interior cohesion

Cohesion is vital for creating a home that looks and feels good. Tiles are no exception, providing a way to bring interiors into balance. Choosing bathroom tiles that perfectly coordinate with your fixtures and fittings, for instance. Consider your furniture when choosing floor tiles. Above all, you want tiling that fits the vision you have for your home. Whether it’s contrasting or coordinating, cohesion is a worthwhile goal to achieve. Consider choosing internal tiles, which have a matching external tile – this will give you an internal / external flow, and help connect the inside to out.

Existing wall tiles

Your existing interior can be a helpful guide for choosing the right tile. For instance, your walls may have patterned or highly detailed tiles. Complementing them with a neutral floor tile allows your walls to remain the focus. Or perhaps your bathroom tiles are neutral. In that case, a patterned or uniquely shaped tile may provide the ideal option.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear is an essential consideration for any flooring. Outdoor flooring, for example, needs to be durable enough to remain in good condition and also slip resistant. No matter the weather. Flooring in high-traffic areas, like kitchens, must be just as durable. Moreover, you may want a less porous floor to avoid staining from spills. Tiles are the ideal solution for high usage areas, simultaneously allowing for practicality and style.

Where can you use floor tiles?

Floor tiles are versatile and practical for every area of the home. Much like Mediterranean climates, Australian homes can benefit from their unique properties. Some of the areas you could use floor tiles in your Sydney home include:


Kitchens are a common place for tile floors. It makes sense to use tiles in this high-use area as a solution for easy cleaning. Many floor tiles can be cleaned easily with mopping. For the average family household, that practicality is more than worth it. Kitchen tiles also provide a strong statement. From luxurious large format floor tiles, to contemporary terrazzo tiles, tiling a kitchen floor is the perfect way to establish a strong aesthetic.


Bathrooms are another classic for floor tiles. Practical and functional, tiles in the bathroom allow for easy cleaning. In addition, the versatile options for bathroom tiling make this option an effective way to create a cohesive look. For instance, seamless floor and wall tiling is a common choice for many Australian homeowners. Alternatively add a patterned floor tile to add colour and interest to your bathroom.

Outdoor spaces

Exterior spaces provide the ideal way to bring your interior charm outdoors. Patios, poolside spaces and dining areas can all benefit from tiling. Choosing a quality porcelain tile design, which is slip resistant can immediately add style. For instance, a large format external tile, in an outdoor dining space. As an instant way to add luxury and personality, outdoor tiling provides the ideal backdrop for exterior design.

Living spaces

Opting to tile living spaces is a popular choice for many Australians. The use of underfloor heating with porcelain tiles can provide luxurious warmth during Winter. Tiles are also easier to clean. Tiles on your floor may be the ideal choice if you want to make the most of your living areas.

Floor Tiles Sydney

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