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Create a unique look with individually crafted tiles

Creating a truly unique interior is the goal for many homeowners, from custom kitchens to designer bathrooms. If you’re looking for the ideal way to add unique luxury, handmade tiles elevate any space. Painstakingly created by skilled artisans, our selection of handmade tiles matches a wide range of aesthetics. Above all, each tile is unique in its own way. If you want one-of-a-kind tiling for your home, handmade tiles are the ideal option.

Interested in using a handmade tile? Browse our selection online today to discover unique bathroom tiles. From contemporary to Mediterranean, we have something for every home. Alternatively, get in touch with our team today. We’re here to answer any questions and provide friendly advice. From bathrooms to kitchens, we hand-pick the right handmade tile for you.

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handmade tiles

What are handmade tiles?

Handmade tiles are expertly crafted, and they come in a wide range of beautiful styles. Unlike mass-produced bathroom tiles, however, the charm of handmade tiles lies in their imperfections. To sum up, the difference in each tile makes them special. From changes in texture to the thickness of the glaze, these tiles provide perfect imperfection. The ideal solution for your bathroom, or kitchen / laundry splashback. If you’re not so keen on the pristine look, handmade tiles could be the perfect option for you.

Why choose handmade tiles?

Why choose handmade tiles? Firstly, the quality of a tile that’s been expertly crafted by hand speaks for itself. Secondly, the versatility of designs and styles suits a wide range of properties. Finally, the unique nature of these tiles means you have something that no one else has. No two tiles are identical, producing a finish that’s entirely your own. Therefore, the interior you create with handmade tiles is like nothing else in the world. That’s true luxury.

How to use handmade tiles

Using handmade tiles provides the ideal way to elevate your interior effortlessly. For example, statement tiles can do all the talking for your bathroom. Are you interested in colour? Or do you love an organic, textured aesthetic? Consider a hand made Moroccan Zellige tile for your bathroom or splash back. Here’s what you can do with a handmade tile in your home:

Making a statement

Nothing makes a statement quite like handmade tile. With many intricate and delicate options, it’s possible to create eye-catching tiling from floor to ceiling. For extra impact going for a seamless floor-to-wall tile draws all the right attention. Stylish and contemporary with an organic twist.

Creating a perfectly imperfect aesthetic

The slight imperfections of handmade tiles lend themselves well to a lived-in aesthetic. If you’re not the type who prefers minimalist, show-home style, handmade tiles are an ideal option. The range includes a wide range of shades and many earthy tones. As a result, it’s easy to create a comfortable, functional interior that you can enjoy.

Adding rustic charm to your home

Rustic, farmhouse charm is the ideal way to bring warmth to any interior. Handmade tiles work perfectly to create a warm aesthetic. For instance, combine hand-painted tiles with terracotta or a beautiful contemporary porcelain tile. As a result, the imperfection of handmade tiles also pairs well with other building materials such as timber. Working in harmony with similar surfaces for a cohesive finish.

Bringing Mediterranean style in-house

If you’re keen to bring the Mediterranean to Australia, handmade tiles are a valuable place to start. Traditional tiles provide the perfect blend of old-world and modern practicality. For example, a cobalt or deep green shade of tile in a kitchen or bathroom, which offers the ideal mixture of contemporary aesthetic and old-world charm. Consider using a hand made cement tile which has been inspired by the Mediterranean, these bring colour and life to any space.

Matching your custom interior

An interior that’s hand-crafted deserves tiles that match. Perhaps you’ve invested in furniture from local artisans. Or maybe you’ve lovingly restored cabinetry and interior features yourself. Investing in a quality handmade tile is the ideal background to showcase your craftsmanship.

Introducing pattern and shape

Nothing brings out a homely feel like the right pattern or shape of tile. The joy of a handmade tile is the hundreds of varieties available. Firstly, traditional square and bar shapes. Secondly, vibrantly hand-painted tiles. Finally, unique shapes are designed to create the biggest impact. Going outside the norm for contemporary spaces makes it possible to avoid a stark, clean feel.

Types of handmade tile

Not sure which handmade tile to pick? Understanding the different options available to you is a good starting point. Most importantly, there are a wide array of tiles to suit your home’s style. From classic shapes to traditional designs, here are some of the types to consider:

Zellige Tiles

Handmade Zellige tiles are very much on trend. They are usually made in a square shape, and are hand cut and glazed in beautiful colours. We are using Zellige in modern architectural bathrooms, combined with contemporary porcelain tiles. This pairing can result in a beautiful designer bathroom.

Hand-painted tile

Hand-painted tiles use traditional Mediterranean techniques to transform your home. Elegant patterns, vibrant colourways and attractive floral designs are all staples. Likewise, the busy nature of these tiles works equally well in small or large spaces. For instance, you could create a feature or go all-out on maximalist style.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles have become a core concept in modern interior design. However, the tradition of distinctive tile shapes goes far beyond contemporary preferences. Mini bricks, hexagons and arabesque shapes all feature in handmade cement designs. If you’re keen to stand out, going unique attracts all the right attention.

handmade tiles

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Are you looking for unique tiles? Di Lorenzo stocks a wide range of traditional and modern styles. We provide everything you need to transform your home, from intricately painted designs to class shapes. So, why not browse our range today? Alternatively, speak to our team directly to discuss your preferences. We’ll point you in the right direction.