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How to choose Luxury Marble Mosaics for your home

Marble tiles are a sophisticated, timeless and durable addition to any home.

With the powerful combination of stunning good looks and practical functionality, it’s no wonder marble is a perennial favourite for anyone who is renovating or building.

Image Credit Designer: Steve Cordony, Photographer: Felix Forest

Image Credit: Designer: Steve Cordony, Photographer: Felix Forest

If you’re considering marble tiles as part of an upcoming project, there are a few things we recommend you keep in mind:

Why choose marble tiles?

  • With its beautiful look and feel, marble has been a symbol of luxury since ancient times. It is classic, elegant and highly sought-after.
  • Marble is a natural material that can add a touch of glamour to any renovation project.
  • Marble tiles come in a diverse array of shapes, colours and textures.
  • Because marble forms in nature, every piece is different, creating beautiful variations.
  • Marble is versatile; it can be used for bathroom feature walls as well as floors and kitchen splashbacks.

What you need to know about marble tiles

For all its versatility and visual appeal, there are still a couple of things to be aware of when deciding whether marble tiles are right for your home:

  • Marble is porous. This means it will absorb liquids and powders, which could lead to stains. It’s recommended to have marble sealed before installation. Sealing marble will give you the chance to clean up spills before a stain becomes permanent.
  • When cleaning marble, you need to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Use a PH-neutral cleaner to ensure you do not damage your marble
Image Credit - Designer: Anita Nader Design, Photography: Simon Whitebread

Image Credit: Designer: Anita Nader Design, Photography: Simon Whitebread

How to choose the best marble tiles for your home

Marble is always in style but the way it is used evolves. Here is what we have noticed lately:

  • Lighter-coloured marbles like Calacatta and Carrara are enduring favourites but recent trends have moved towards bolder, richer shades.
  • While penny-round marble tiles remain popular, stacked irregular shapes are now on trend. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • You can also explore matching marble tiles with other materials like porcelain and terrazzo.

Be bold and experiment. Marble tiles are elegant and timeless, so it is hard to go wrong.

Shop our collection of marble and other tiles today or contact us for personal advice.

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