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Choosing the right tiles can be the ideal way to make your bathroom your own. At Di Lorenzo, we pride ourselves on stocking unique, modern tiles that make your ideas a reality. We stay on top of the latest trends, from simple neutrals to bold statements. Above all, we’re committed to quality that lasts. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, we’re the place to start. Browse our tile selection online now. Or get in touch with us directly to find out how we could help.

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Sydney Bathroom Tiles

How to choose the right bathroom tiles

How do you choose the right tiles? Firstly, considering your personal preferences is a strong starting point. Tiles are the perfect way to get your style across if you enjoy bold colours and unique designs. Secondly, think about the practicality of your bathroom. Will pets and kids be using it? Choosing a hard-wearing and stylish design is easy with our range. Finally, consider the size of your bathroom. Choosing beautiful Sydney bathroom tiles highlighting your space is key to making a statement.

Here are some things to consider when choosing bathroom tiles:

Decide on your bathroom aesthetic

Aesthetic is step one in creating a bathroom you love. Do you enjoy modern minimalism? Love colour? Prefer natural, organic shades? Thinking about what aesthetic you’d like to match can help you search. For example, seeking tiles with realistic texture and warm tones is ideal for that natural, spa-like feel. Your aesthetic is entirely personal to you. As such, deciding what you love is an essential first step in creating the perfect bathroom.

Consider the dimensions of your bathroom

The size of your bathroom is an important consideration when choosing tiles. Darker colours can provide a luxury feel to a larger space. But they can cramp a smaller bathroom. Using your space to your advantage is the ideal solution. For example, using pattern to elongate walls and provide a sense of space. Designing your tiles with size and shape can help create a cohesive final look. Colour, tone and texture can help you make the most of your dimensions.

Think about your tiling budget

Deciding on a budget is key to picking tiles that work for you. Tiles are one of the first things you notice. Alongside fixtures and fittings, your tiling is the ideal place to spend more for greater impact. For instance, investing in handmade tiles provides a unique finish. Above all, your tiling budget gives you an idea of what’s possible in your space within your price range. Investing in good quality tiles is imperative when considering a bathroom renovation

Explore different finishes and styles

Tiles come in a vast range of styles and finishes. For instance, you could choose a tile with a textured finish. Alternatively, a smooth or satin finish tile may suit your preferences and lifestyle. In addition, tiles can also have textured or embossed features, adding even more options. Different styles provide different feels to your bathroom space. For example, a highly textured tile may increase the organic feel of your bathroom, while a large format tile adds a touch of luxury.

Define the practicality you need

Practicality is a crucial consideration in bathroom tiling. Planning on seamless floor and wall tiles? Picking an option that suits your lifestyle is a good starting point. Above all, you want a tile that does everything you need. Are you renovating an ensuite? Creating a high-traffic family bathroom? Defining the practical functionality you need helps you pick the ideal tile.

Seek bathroom inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. At Di Lorenzo, we have an online gallery to provide that spark. There are thousands of tiling styles and options out there. In other words, you can make the right choice by visualising what your bathroom will look like. From bold patterns to stylish minimalism, inspiration photos give all the context you need. So, why not browse our gallery online to find your own Sydney bathroom tiles inspiration?

Types of bathroom tile to consider

Choosing the right material for your tiles can help to set the tone for your bathroom space. Firstly, consider the different materials available. Do you want something practical? Something timeless? Something hard-wearing? Next, browse our range of tiles to explore the different textures and finishes available. Whether you prefer classic porcelain or you want something truly unique and handmade, we have the ideal options. Some material types to consider include:


Porcelain is the classic material for bathroom tiles. Above all, this material is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Many designers choose porcelain as their tile material of choice. As a result, there’s a huge selection of colours, designs and styles to choose from. If you’d like to follow the latest trends, porcelain is a strong choice for your bathroom renovation.


There’s nothing more unique than a handmade tile. Above all, non-machine-made pieces have a textural charm that machine-made tiles can’t match. For instance, slight imperfections and differences in tiles help to create a lived-in feel. So, if your ideal bathroom is perfectly imperfect, these beautiful tiles are a top option for you.


Terrazzo has been used as a bathroom tile for hundreds of years. Extremely practical and hard-wearing, terrazzo works perfectly for seamless floor and wall tiling. There is a huge range of Terrazzo to choose from, available in a range of colours to suit any interior. Most importantly, no terrazzo tile is the same.


Mosaic brings texture and pattern to your bathroom. Anything from penny round mosaics to sticks, complex patterns to simple shapes are possible. So, if you’re all about the statement, mosaic tiles provide the best of both worlds. The eye-catching detail makes your bathroom the focal point of your home.

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Sydney Bathroom Tiles

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