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Uniquely textured and elegant, terrazzo is ideal for adding interest to your home. The perfect mixture of practical and aesthetic, terrazzo ticks the boxes for many home areas. Our selection provides a contemporary finish with long-lasting results. Likewise, if you’re looking for a product that stands the test of tile, terrazzo is the ideal option.

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Terrazzo Tiles

What are terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo tiles originate from 16th-century Italy. The word ‘terrazzo’ deriving from the Latin word ‘terra’. Terrazzo’s unique origin is a part of its appeal. The process was developed as a solution to recycle the stone offcuts from other processes. As a result, this composite material quickly grew in popularity across Europe. These tiles offer a Mediterranean flair to homes and outdoor spaces across the continent today.

Why choose terrazzo?

Terrazzo is an ideal solution for spaces with plenty of foot traffic as a highly hard-wearing material. Equally, this material is as beautiful as it is practical.

With seemingly endless colour combinations, it’s possible to match just about any colour scheme. From palest cream to deepest green and grey. Whatever result you’d like, this flexible material fits the mould.

Above all, the versatility of terrazzo makes this a practical choice for multiple areas of the home. Terrazzo is generally made in a honed finish which suits our Australian market.

How to maintain terrazzo tiling

Terrazzo should be sealed prior to installation, to ensure it does not stain, and also remains easy to clean. With little attention, it can stay looking its best. Terrazzo is an extremely durable material.

How to choose the ideal terrazzo

Finding the perfect terrazzo depends on your personal preferences and functionality requirements. Firstly, consider your colour palette can ensure your tile blends seamlessly. Choosing a pattern that suits your interior choices is the ideal way to pick a suitable tile. There are now so many beautiful contemporary colours available in terrazzo, it is easy to select one best suited to your style.

Matching your tile to your interior preferences helps to create a beautifully seamless look. For instance, you may enjoy a neutral colour terrazzo to suit your interior style. Or a monochrome palette for a minimalist feel. The volume of chips can also directly affect the final look of your tiles. For instance, finer chips provide a more uniform finish. By contrast, larger chips provide more and interest.

Where can you use terrazzo tile?

As a multi-functional tile, terrazzo has a range of purposes and uses. Stylish and luxurious, with all the hard-wearing practicality of concrete, it’s the best of both worlds. Some of the places you can use terrazzo in your home include:


Your kitchen is the ideal place for terrazzo. The hard-wearing nature of this terrazzo makes it suitable for day-to-day use. As long as you have sealed your terrazzo, cleaning spills is easy and practical.


The bathroom provides the ideal location for contrasting, statement tile. Above all, the size of a bathroom makes it a good fit for the louder and more detailed patterns and colours. Allowing you to make the most of your style without overwhelming the space. If you’re looking for year-round luxury, look no further.

Living areas

Terrazzo is ideal if you’re considering taking the high-style approach to d├ęcor for your living room. This composite material melds concrete’s industrial feel and traditional tile’s look. As a result, you get the best of both worlds. Practical, attractive design.


Areas with high traffic and constant use are the perfect match for terrazzo. Entryway spaces have some of the highest use in the whole home. Therefore, using a hard-wearing and practical tile that’s easy to clean is ideal. Choosing terrazzo brings instant style to your entry space.

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Terrazzo Tiles

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