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Using Decorative tiles in your bathroom

Your bathroom is a part of your home where, you can afford to get creative when updating this part of your home.

We love helping clients to get their bathroom just right. The following are some of our recommendations when it comes to adding ‘flair’ in the form of decorative tiles.

Decorative tiles in bathroom

Image Credit: Designed by: Jodie Carter Design

Tips for choosing decorative tiles

Adding decorative tiles as part of a bathroom renovation or fit out allows you to have some fun with your colour palette and bring something of yourself to your bathroom.

Different options create different outcomes, so think about the end result and the overall theme you are hoping to achieve before you narrow down a shortlist.

Before you choose your bathroom style, keep these three factors in mind:

  • Tone: Working with tone can be a solid option if you don’t want too much colour in your bathroom. With tone, you can add interest and texture with less impact. You might choose a subway tile in a neutral shade that has broad appeal. This will look sleek and stylish on any wall or behind the bath or vanity.
  • Texture: Your choice of texture can dictate whether you end up with a subtle or dramatic effect. You can create a modern look by having textured tiles on the floor and running up the walls. You might also choose to mix a textured tile with a different material like terrazzo, for a combination of finishes.
  • Colour: Bold colours make a statement, while subtle soft colours are calming and welcoming. You might use bright and fun decorative tiles to create colourful highlights or to keep the look more subdued and relaxing with shades of grey, tan or white.
Using Decorative tiles in bathroom - Designed by JDZ Designs

Designed by JDZ Designs, Photography Danella Chalmers


We love a bathroom that is ‘dressed to impress’.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing mosaics. Glass, porcelain, stone or hand-made tiles are all available in a range of colours, finishes and textures. Consider tiling a feature wall in a mosaic to create impact in your bathroom. If you want to keep the decoration to a minimum you could tile your shower niche in a mosaic to add just a touch of colour or texture

Mosaics are a versatile option and are a great way to add interest to your bathroom!

Need help choosing the style of your bathroom and finding decorative tiles that are just right? We take pride in offering personalised advice that fits within your budget. Reach out to Di Lorenzo Tiles today.

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