Kitchen Floor Tiles

Your kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in your house. You spend a lot of time in there and it’s most likely the hub of the home for you and your family. It’s an integral space, so if you’re renovating your kitchen or are hoping to redesign it in the future, we understand you want to make sure you get your flooring tiles just right.

The good news is that at Di Lorenzo Tiles, we have a wide range of kitchen floor tiles to choose from, for any style or budget

Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen

When choosing tiles for a kitchen, there is a lot to consider, from colour and size to pattern and material.

If your kitchen is small, we recommend going for a lighter colour, such as white or cream. This will help light bounce off your flooring, opening up your space and making it seem bigger and more inviting. If you’re wanting to add warmth instead, a dark grey or black floor tile can be really effective, contrasting beautifully with lighter-coloured walls and benchtops.

Of course, another important consideration is the size of your tiles. Whether you go for large porcelain slabs with minimal grout joints or smaller patterned tiles that create visual interest is really up to your own style and taste. In fact, the best option for you will depend on what look and feel you’re hoping to achieve – slabs, for example, work well in contemporary spaces, while patterned tiles work well in traditional homes or modern apartments.

Your kitchen floor tiles need to be durable, so we would suggest using a porcelain tile or a terrazzo tile. A porcelain tile is easy to keep clean and maintain, and it does not require sealing, while a terrazzo stone tile is gorgeous option, which is extremely durable, it does require sealing.  There are so many porcelain options to choose from, choosing the right tile for you shouldn’t be too difficult!

The texture of the tile you choose is also worth considering. A smoother tile will be easier to keep clean in a busy kitchen, while a textured tile may be more challenging. Many collections are available in different finishes, so choose a finish that you will be happy to maintain and keep clean.

Our latest collections

At Di Lorenzo Tiles, we are constantly sourcing the latest European designs. If you are looking for a Stone inspired porcelain tile for your kitchen floor, consider Eureka Stone.  It is available in a range of colours and sizes, and is one of our most sought-after ranges.

We are also seeing a growing trend towards laying tiles in a French pattern – this style looks great on a kitchen floor!  Our Chateau collection is made to be laid using multiple sizes, and is perfect for any modern farmhouse look, or contemporary home!

Whatever your style, we can help you choose the right tile for your home

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